Secrets We Keep (Thistle Cove)

by Angel Lawson

Sometimes the prettiest girls have the ugliest secrets.

Kenley Keene started senior year with football games, homecoming, and the SATs on her mind.

By then she’d given up that Rose Waller would ever be her friend again.

Or hope that Finn Holloway would give her the time of day.

She was focused on the future. The promise of graduating in the spring and leaving Thistle Cove behind.

All of that was before Rose’s car was found abandoned on the bridge.

Before Kenley found out the truth about her former friend and the secrets she’d kept.

It was also before Kenley reconnected with the three boys that meant so much to her before sides were taken, lives were changed, and one girl went missing.

Finn Holloway: Football Star. Breaker of Hearts.

Ezra Baxter: Resident Delinquent.

Ozzy Drake: Quiet Loner.

Three boys that are all under suspicion.

How far will Kenley go to uncover Rose’s secrets?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance