Secrets of the Dragon Princess

by Rinelle Grey

It’s been a year since he’s seen her—a year since Lyrian broke his heart.

When his uncle dies and leaves him a house in Australia, Brad doesn’t realize his whole life is about to change. He expects to take a week off from his demanding job as a cardiac surgeon. Maybe spend some time with the beautiful Lyrian again. But what he finds is more than he ever bargained for. He could never have guessed he’d end up with an instant family.

But their child is not the only secret Lyrian is harbouring. She’s a dragon princess on a mission. She must find her brothers and sisters so her infant daughter won’t grow up without a clan.

And an enemy dragon clan, and the police, are out to stop her. Can Lyrian count on Brad to help her? Or is he just a distraction?

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Category: Paranormal Romance