Secret Baby For Daddy’s Enemy

by Savanna Reed

Taron Beck, a name that once electrified my world like a blazing comet, has returned to town.

Stirring memories and emotions I believed were locked away forever. It’s like a floodgate has swung open, releasing a rush of love, warmth, and heartache.

But he isn’t just a blast from the past; he’s also my dad’s cutthroat business rival. Our once-fiery affair crashed and burned in a blaze of glory five years ago, leaving scorched earth in its wake.

I felt deeply betrayed, beyond words.

My resolve to resist him this time has been an unbreakable fortress, guarding my fragile heart.

Yet, with every genuine gesture, his intense, ocean-blue eyes pierce through my defences, creating a space within me too beautiful to ignore.

His smoldering kisses spark an intoxicating wildfire, impossible to resist.

I know deep down that I am falling for him all over again.

The ultimate barrier?

He remains clueless to the secret we both share: our son, the little guy who paints my life with vibrant colors and whom I’ve fiercely protected.

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