Second Time Around

by Alandra Knight

From the moment I first saw him shirtless, with those rippled abs on full display and his gray sweatpants barely hanging off his muscular hips, my insides melted.

But this desire I’m filled with is one I know can never be satisfied.

You see, single dad Jaxson Brentwood doesn’t talk about the hard times. He’s lived them. Four years earlier, he and his brother lost their wives. Since then, they’ve been left to raise their children all alone.

His world is everything mine can never be.

It doesn’t matter that our chemistry is off the charts. It doesn’t matter that Jaxson’s arms are the only ones I feel safe in.

He and I are like oil and water – and while opposites clearly attract, I can’t believe there’d ever be a place for a girl like me in Jaxson’s world of foam dart battles and bedtime stories.

Or, at least, that’s what I thought until we both dared open our hearts – and began wondering if, just maybe, we deserved a shot at love the second time around.

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Category: Contemporary Romance