Second Chance Bride (A Fake Fiancee Romance)

by Samantha West

Jason Anderson is the first guy I ever wanted.
Infuriatingly hot, frustratingly off-limits.
He’s also the one guy I’ve always been warned to stay away from.

So I listened. It’s not like he ever saw me as more than his friend’s little sister, anyway.
Fast forward five years and he’s hired to keep an eye on the girls in my pageant.
I went from prom queen to beauty queen, and I’m about to be kicked out of the contest all because of a headline:


So I ask Jason to do something crazy – pose as my fiancé to help me look like the perfect beauty queen with a gorgeous man on my arm.
But I have to keep reminding myself this engagement is fake.
Because the way he touches me with that heat behind his skin, the way he knows every single detail about me is very real.
Competing in the pageant? That’s the easy part.
Now all I have to do is the hardest thing of all – not fall in love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance