Scoring the Boss

by Kristin Lee

He negotiate contracts. She runs numbers. But when the team and staff go home, will late nights in the office ignite the forbidden flames?

She struck me straight in the heart the moment I saw her. For the first time I’m feeling things I thought I’d never feel again. She stirs passion deep inside me. Her glances, sarcasm and spark drive me over the edge.

The problem? She came in for an interview and now she works for me. I made the rule – no boss/employee relationships which seemed a good idea at the time.

Managing a professional baseball organization is a piece of cake. But controlling my feelings for my color-coding, pen clicking, financial analyst is proving to be the most difficult task on my to-do list.

We’ve been careful but what happens when our secret explodes? Will we be fired or will we find a way to have it all?

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Category: Sports Romance