Scales of Fate: The Chosen Prince

by Shaidan Barnes

A young dragon prince is forced to choose between the call of his heart and the duty to his crown.

Once in a generation, the dragon kingdoms are called upon to offer their finest prince to remain celibate and compete for the betrothal of the future Empress. Plucked from obscurity, dragon princes Uzzin and Razzan vie to become the Chosen Prince of their kingdom. Amid the competition, Razzan’s heart is captured by an alluring and mysterious drake while facing the trials of maturity in a palace awash with tantalizing princesses. Will he navigate his burgeoning desires, a deadly rival, and a clandestine love, or will temptation be his downfall?

This novel contains many explicit and erotic scenes involving dragons and drakes, not humans or shifters. Additionally, there are a few scenes with intense violence. Mature audiences only.

$3.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Erotic Romance