Saving Luke

by Teresa Keefer

When Hannah left her parents’ ranch over ten years before, she believed she would never return. After all, she had found her prince in a pick-up truck and they were going to live happily ever after.
Fast forward to the present time, she finds herself trudging along an abandoned Wyoming road in the middle of a spring snow storm after leaving her washed-up rodeo star in Las Vegas. She was going back to the ranch she had left in hopes she could find forgiveness in her father’s eyes.
With her rental car in the ditch, she thought she’d never make it home alive until a truck pulls up beside her bearing the logo of her father’s ranch. Relieved, she approaches the truck only to find her nemesis. Luke Blackstone. And he’s even more domineering than he was when they were growing up.
As Hannah slips back into the ranch life–as Luke’s employee–she manages to get herself in trouble more than once. And it seems the brooding foreman Luke Blackstone is always the one there to save her.

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Category: Western Romance