Saving Her Target

by Danielle Pays

If your true identity would cause you to lose the woman you love, would you tell her?

Zach Brannigan escaped his crime family years ago. Now, as owner of a small-town pub, he’s living life with the freedom he once craved. Life is simple until he’s mistaken for another criminal and tackled.

Tackling mountain men is all in a day’s work for this special agent, but this time Jessie Doyle has the wrong perp. While she can’t find the one running from the law, she keeps running into the wrong one and he’s getting under her skin.

Zach’s family finds him, and they make it clear they won’t let him go again. This lands him right in the middle of an FBI sting. Led by Jessie. And here he thought it was his charm that led her to his small town.

He’s fallen for his Macushla, his darling. But if Jessie learns who he really is, it’s over.

He escaped his family once. Can he do it again?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance