Savage Daddy Next-Door

by Kai Lesy

They say Love thy neighbor.
But just one nibble will turn into an over-the-top, sexual feast.
And that’s a risk I can’t afford.

After going through hell and back…
I finally created a safe life for my little girl.

Now, an infuriatingly wild-spirited mother is my new neighbor.
Candace makes it impossible to keep my guard up.
She’s short tempered. Painfully curvaceous. And painfully…. my type.

Like me she’s a single parent.
And, that’s baggage I have no damn business with.
So why can’t I stop thinking about her naked? …
In my home. In my car. Anywhere.

The past refuses to stay locked up, and it’s about to catch up with me — with all of us — real soon.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance