Savage Betrayal

by Nevah Stone

Scorpion, Undertaker, Lynx.
We’re the Mafia Lords, sons of our fathers, but we have our own way of running our empires, and we like to toy with our enemies before we destroy them.
They’re cold, calculating, and dangerous.
I thought they wanted me, but they only wanted revenge. My father stole from the Mafia, now they want to destroy our family.
They’re dangerous, brutal, and cold in their quest. I’m the one who has to pay for his crimes against them, the one who will suffer the most.
They think they can break me, then destroy me.
But when they throw me to the wolves, then ruin my life, they unleash a rage they never anticipated, and now they’ve become my prey, and I’ll stop at nothing to exact my own revenge.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance