Savage Ax (The Hidden Realm #1)

by D.N. Hoxa

When they told me I’d have to go searching for a vampire out in the human world with Savage Ax, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Despite his looks, our covens are sworn enemies. Despite his reputation, I have the green light to get rid of him if needed. And it’s all fun and games, empty threats and dirty words at first…
But there’s a spark of madness in his eyes that draws me in. Something about the way he takes what he wants, even from me, and gives no explanation in return. Something about the rough touch of his hand that melts all the ice I’ve spent years layering around me.
The farther away from home we go, the easier it gets to forget who he is. Who I am. Where we are.
And that’s exactly where my real troubles will begin…

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Category: Paranormal Romance