Savage Abandon

by Sky Coppola

When this billionaire cattleman has to face his past lover, no amount of money can save him from her burn.

Doctor Destiny Hart prefers animals to men, and her life as a Wyoming veterinarian over the heartbreak she’s faced before. After all, she’s already lost the life she thought she wanted.

There’s just one problem: that life is back with a perfect face and the heart he stole right out of her chest. His name is Carter Caldwell.

Their reunion is filled with an undeniable attraction that never fizzled out, but with days too short to get through all the work on the ranch, Carter saves unpacking that romantic heat until far past the hour of good judgment.

And that’s his biggest mistake because giving in to his base desires and rediscovering every supple curve of Destiny’s body leaves him vulnerable as he overlooks the chaos encroaching in on them from a Mafia, antihero hitman named Atlas, who is about to burn their world down.

Secrets race back, threatening to destroy Carter and Destiny, and no amount of cunning, power, or even the best ranch hands in Wyoming, will be enough to save Destiny from the trouble Carter is trying to protect her from.

He’ll do anything to keep her safe… even if it means taking the law into his own hands, holding her hostage, or breaking her heart all over again.

Fans of Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy will dive into this sizzling romance filled with buried secrets, passion, and a dark hitman and his love interest, who turn this sleepy town on its ear.

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Category: Western Romance

Savage Promise

by Sky Coppola

Destiny isn’t just a name. Sometimes it’s fate… and worlds colliding.

Ten years ago, it began.

Passion. Lies. Betrayal.

At eighteen, Destiny Hart has her life planned, and her dreams of becoming a veterinarian set.
But life is full of obstacles, and when she’s saved by Carter, a Wyoming rancher’s son, from the terrifying advances of a group of guys intent on bringing Destiny down, a series of events are in motion…

Carter Caldwell is falling for Destiny. But when tragedy strikes at home, he makes a decision––one that rips his and Destiny’s world apart and brings heartache to them both.

Book Two is where Carter and Destiny’s epic story begins. Fans of After and Yellowstone will fall for this fresh spin on a coming-of-age, cowboy romance filled with love, drama, and raw emotion.

Sometimes love will burn your world down…

$0.99 Previously $4.99