Ruthless Enemy

by Mckenna Miller

When Lorelai promised to be mine, I never would have believed that things would end in her betrayal . . . and me spending time in prison for something I didn’t do.

Now I’m out and determined to exact revenge against the woman I’d once loved, only to find out she’d been keeping a secret from me . . . a daughter I never knew I had. A daughter who belonged to me and would now be raised as a Capitani, whether her mother is in the picture, or not.

Lorelai is still feisty, stubborn, and rebellious, and after so long without a woman, I greet her with an angry, hate filled kiss. But once I feel her lush curves beneath me, all I want is to claim her once again. I tell myself the craving is temporary, that once I have my fill of her I’ll sever our ties and keep my daughter with me. . . but I’ve underestimated just how much of a hold this woman still has over me.

The plan should have been simple, until my daughter is kidnapped and held hostage – my life, for hers.

Nobody messes with what is mine.

This means war, and I will destroy anyone who dares to threaten my family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance