Running on Empty

by Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers

I was just looking for revenge.
I never expected that I’d find redemption

Some people have pretty little goals in life.
A nice house. A safe neighborhood. A boring, steady job.
My only goal is revenge.

The sick bastards in the Carion Crew have no idea what they’ve created.
I’m more monster than man…and I’m going to destroy them.

All that changes when I see Mia, their prettiest captive.

One look, and I have no choice but to save her from the chains of her debt.
They’ll never touch her again.
They’ll never run their hands down her gorgeous curve.
They’ll never hear her beg.
She’ll belong to me.

But now that she’s been broken by the Carion Crew…
Can she ever be mine?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance