by Elana Brooks

Ten long days stand between Carmen and the test results that will show whether the cancer that killed her mother is growing in her, too. Waiting feels like torture. So Carmen runs away from her fear, onto a ship bound for the Caribbean, desperate to forget what she must face on her return.

A family reunion isn’t David’s idea of a fun vacation, but it’s important to his mother. He reluctantly agrees to attend, intending to spend most of the cruise sightseeing, partying, and enjoying female companionship.

When they meet, Carmen and David consider each other the perfect distraction. They share both sizzling chemistry and the desire for their connection to remain strictly temporary. But as the days pass and they enjoy tropical pleasures together, bonds meant to stay shallow begin to deepen. Will a love born in sunshine and fantasy grow strong enough to endure the shadows of reality?

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Category: Contemporary Romance