Run, Run Rabbit

by C.M. Nascosta

Vanessa loves having Grayson Hemming chase her, and she’ll do anything to keep him running.

When werewolf Vanessa Blevin begins working at new law firm, she expects long hours, hard work, and harder personalities. Her boss is a demanding, demeaning bully who begins cutting her down on her very first day — cutting her down and setting her blood on fire. Grayson Hemming is tall, dark, alphahole handsome, the exact sort of werewolf she does not need in her life . . . but there’s something about the way he smells, his cutting smile, and the way his eyes always seem to find her. Her wolf wants his, and the feeling is mutual.

The lines between their professional lives and personal desires are blurred every full moon in his bed, and the only way she knows how to keep from being burned is to keep running.

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Category: Paranormal Romance