Ruining the Billionaire’s Wedding

by Elizabeth Lynx

My boyfriend broke up with me three months ago and became engaged to my cousin.
Coincidence? Doubtful.
The week I got the wedding invitation, his dad fired me.
Coincidence? Highly doubtful.
Crashing their wedding at an exclusive resort?
Totally planned.

As the jilted ex-girlfriend and soon-to-be thorn in my ex’s side at his own wedding. It was my job to reassure my ex that I had no plan to destroy his wedding. The problem was, the sexy billionaire resort owner kept trying to stop me from getting near the couple… with his body.

As the owner of The Blue Spot, an exclusive resort, it was my job to make sure the wedding of the year that took place at my resort was perfect. It was going smoothly until the fiancé’s ex showed up. I tried asking her to leave without causing a scene. But there was a problem with that. The appendage between my legs wouldn’t let me walk away from her.

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