Royally Matched

by Mckenna James

He’s a prince, I’m a nobody. I don’t belong in his glittering world of castles and private jets.
I’ve been burned before, and I’m still trying to clean up the messes from my past.
No way will I fall for some smooth-talking aristocrat even if he’s got the hottest bod I’ve ever seen, and a killer smile that makes me forget where I am.
I’ve got to get my life together, and I don’t need his help, thank you very much.

As the Crown Prince, I need to find my queen.
But, in a room filled with suitable matches, I come across Lisabet.
The haunting notes emanating from her cello awaken something in my soul, and I know I must have her.
The fact that she’s not interested in becoming a queen is but a minor detail.
I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine…

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