Royal Fae Bodyguard (Brunswick Academy – Book 1)

by Chloe Vincent

Warrior Fae and badass extraordinaire, Cara, is finally ready to graduate from The Brunswick Academy. There’s just one test left, her Final Mission:

Find the missing totem…while bodyguarding some annoyingly sexy Fae Prince??

The cocky playboy Royal better not screw it up for her, or he’s going to need protection from Cara!

Unfortunately, a dark, raucous force is at work– and it will take everything Cara has to harness her true powers and confront it.

Even if that means learning to trust those around her…including Prince Dayen of the Fae Realm.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Dragon Academy Switch (Brunswick Academy – Book 2)

by Chloe Vincent

Two fiery Dragon Shifters! Will Blaise & Addy create Fireworks…or a fiery Explosion?!

Addy’s assignment is finally in: Infiltrate Drachwood Academy- the elite, All-Boys dragon prep school. Then, find the fire element & return it to her own academy’s Headmistress.

What could possibly go wrong when two dragon shifters have to work together to help save the supernatural world…?

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