Rough Ride

by Cynthia Rayne

Buckle up, Kate, it’s going to be a rough ride.


I’ve wanted Kate since I first laid eyes on her, which is insane–she’s half my age and my employee–but I can’t stop wanting her. Needing her.

And when she accidentally discovers my dirty little secret, I have no reason to do the right thing anymore. So I’m going to make her mine in every sense of the word.


I had a crappy 21st birthday, and now I’ve got the hangover from hell. My dad forgot all about it, which is typical, but it still hurt.

To make matters worse, I have an early morning meeting with my overbearing, pain-in-ass boss, Malcolm York. Instead of using my internship to learn about the ad business, I’m Malcolm’s personal assistant. Assistant? Slave, more like. Hell is running other people’s errands…for free.

But when I discover his secret, all bets are off.

The Ride Series is the story of four best friends (Kate, Poppy, Darcy, and Iris) who are about to graduate from college. They’ve vowed to have one last gasp, before adulting for real. Each of them is at a crossroads. Where will the road ahead lead?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance