Rough Cowboy

by Maggie Carpenter

He’s big, he’s rough, and when he takes the reins he’s going to ride her hard.

When Megan Newman took a job shoeing horses at the Hammer and Nails ranch, she knew she’d be working for a tough, old-fashioned cowboy. She didn’t expect to be threatened with a trip over his knee for disregarding basic safety precautions, and she definitely didn’t plan on finding out what it feels like to be ridden so roughly she’ll be sore for days with her bottom still bright red from the spanking that left her in such desperate need of a hard ride in the first place.

Megan could try to tell herself she’s only sticking around because she’s fallen in love with a horse, but she knows that isn’t the truth. There is a beautiful animal with an uncaring owner and she has a plan to rescue it, but that isn’t what’s keeping her at Hammer and Nails. She’s still there because she needs breaking in, and there’s only one cowboy she trusts to take the reins…

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Category: Western Romance