Rogue Wave

by Isabel Jolie

Sometimes, out of nowhere, comes the rogue wave… You can ride it, or get pulled under.

I roamed the untamed ocean.
Set out to play hero conservationist.

Those high seas? They remain lawless for many reasons.
Over ten years, I saw the worst that humanity has to offer.
And accomplished… nothing.

The futility of it all left me disillusioned. Numb.
I returned to the island of my childhood summers.
All I wanted was to lick my wounds. Hide. Regroup.

Like a rogue wave, an idealistic beauty thrust herself into my world.
Tells me we can make a difference.
We can save the oceans.
We’re one with the sea.

Her naivety might be charming if it wasn’t like looking in a time-warped mirror.
Her natural beauty might be appealing if she wasn’t a college student.

The last thing she needs is a summer romance with a burned-out wreck like me.

She’s too young. She’s got everything in front of her.

And me? I’ve got commitments. And a past.

She promises release.
No need for guilt.
I aim for the crest, for a smooth, fun ride.
Unfortunately, my past comes calling, and we both get pulled under.

A contemporary romance standalone novel about two idealistic souls finding their way in a less than perfect world.

A delicious age-gap romance featuring two marine biologists with a desire to save the oceans, an unexpected adoption, and a resort island with a small-town atmosphere. The standalone contemporary romance novel is the first in the Haven Island series, an island where people come to shelter, right off the coast of North Carolina.

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