Rock Hard Lumberjack

by Rye Hart

He left the MMA ring – vowing never to turn back. He shut the door to society – until she walked in and turned everything around.

I’ve had enough of the crap that goes along with being a pro MMA fighter. After what happened that night – I can’t stop replaying every damn minute in my mind. I vowed to leave the hell hole I built for myself and never turn back. Living in the woods in a reclusive cabin was just what I needed and I was doing just fine for years.

Then in walked Sam. Poor little spoiled city girl. Run home to daddy before you get hurt little lady. She was the last thing I needed in my life – at least that’s what my brain told me but my lower half had…conflicting feelings. I take pride in my ability to restrain myself – but her presence has me pushing my boundaries.

After catching my a## hole of a boyfriend with another girl – I had enough and was ready for an escape. Taking a story at work that would send me deep into the woods may have been a rash move – but then again it landed me into the arms of the sexiest specimen I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Mysterious. Rugged. And oozing with sex appeal. His touch ignites a passion in me that I never even knew existed.

While my ex couldn’t find a G spot if it hit him in the face, I have no doubt that Hugh knows just how to use the wood he’s packing. The only problem is I know the secret he has kept locked up for years and I don’t think he wants anyone to find out.

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Category: Contemporary Romance