Rock Hard Boss

by Fern Fraser

He’s not who she thinks he is. He’s so much more.

Max Steele is not my type, despite his fame, OTT good looks, muscles and deep set soulful blue eyes.
Other people may fawn over the ex-rock star. Not me.
He’s cocky, arrogant and rude …. a total alpha hole!
Accepting a short term, highly paid role as his PA was a mistake. Being close to him stirs up feelings I do not want. Not with him.
I can’t wait to get away from him in a few weeks. But one-night changes everything and not in a way I expected.
Now, it’s not just his eyes that follow me everywhere. Max Steele will not leave me alone!
Why am I so happy about this?!

If you enjoy steamy instalove stories where all is not what it appears, you’ll love this short romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance