Road to Redemption

by Kerry Keller

What does a welcome party, a night of drinking, and a recently enrolled college student have in common? Nothing, but that’s what was needed for a one-way ticket to Purgatory.

I’m Nerezza Taylor, and there must be a mistake. I’m not a mythical creature, and I don’t have powers. I would know if I needed Nair during the full moon or had a hankering for the taste of pennies, right?

When an ancient door pulls me into Purgatory, I’m not given much of a choice: Attend Purgatory Prep or be locked up forever since I’m an anomaly. Alex, I’ll take Purgatory Prep for 1,000, please.

Humans aren’t supposed to be able to cross over the barrier, but here I am. So what does that mean for me? Everyone makes it their duty to remind me of the fact that I don’t belong here.

The only thing that might keep me sane during this journey is my shapeshifting pet Lynx, a fainting bestie, and the five drool-worthy men here.

Want to find out how I get out of this? Well, so do I. So come join me on my journey as I try and survive the perils of Purgatory Prep Academy.

Road to Redemption is the first novel in the Purgatory Prep Academy Series. This is a medium burn, university-age, paranormal reverse harem romance, with hints of MM. This means the FMC doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Action & Adventure Romance