Risking Her Heart: A Contemporary Romance Novel

by Rochelle Katzman

Billionaire-playboy. He’s ruthless in business and in bed. He’ll sleep with you, rip your heart out, and never commit. He’ll charm you, seduce you, and set your world on fire. He’s the exact type of man Livvie needs to stay away from. Until fate forces them to meet. Livvie wins a one-week stay at Morganthal Winery, owned by Drake Morganthal. She doubts she’ll see him. And even if she does, there’s no way he’ll give a random raffle winner the time of day. But she’s wrong. From the moment they lock eyes, their chemistry is so intense, Drake has to have her. He makes his motives very clear. Between his delicious wines and his gorgeous body, which she craves like a drug, Livvie has to decide if she’ll spend the week in his vineyard and his bed, or if she’s strong enough to turn away a man as addictive as Drake Morganthal.

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Category: Contemporary Romance