Riding Dirty: Luciotti Crime Family (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance)

by Kara Hart

You want to play rough? Be careful what you wish for.


Do I want to end up with a guy like Lucas? Hell no. I’m the type of girl who won’t take sh*t from an arrogant gangster like Lucas Luciatti.

When he looks my way, I should be scared. Instead, I’m curious.

I came to this town to escape, not to get pulled into another man’s grasp. If my ex-boyfriend was bad, this guy is drop-to-your-knees and open-wide-for-me, bad…

I will not be a mob wife. That is not in my plan. But I don’t know how long I can keep saying no.

Even if I did, you think he’d really give a damn?


My two obsessions? P*ssy and the streets. For a guy like me, women are a dime a dozen. Sure, I’ve been told I’m a prick. The Don thinks I need to settle down. F*ck that.

Then I met her…

When I lay my eyes on that one woman who makes my c*ck harder than I can stand, I don’t f*ck around. I go after her as if she’s already mine. I’m not leaving without her taste in my mouth.

I won’t let anyone stop me, especially not that psychotic ex-boyfriend of hers.

I’ll show her how dirty I can get. I’ll stop when she begs. Maybe.

**Riding Dirty is a standalone bad boy romance novel with a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS!**

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Category: Contemporary Romance