Rex – Albaterra Mates 1

by Ashley L. Hunt

An Alien royalty. The girl next door. Is the universe against them?

The tribal elder of Campestria, one of eleven kingdoms on the planet Albaterra. His blue skin, fierce warrior prowess, and dedication to his race are all in keeping with the A’li-uud species, but his free-thinking ideals have others on the elder council wondering if he is capable as a leader.

A young, talented chef aboard the Paragon. She is at a point in her life where she just wants to escape Earth and start over, and the space exploration mission was the answer to her prayers. Behind her quiet exterior, she is a feisty, strong-willed soul, and she quickly learns that those traits will be the ones to save her life.

When the Paragon crashes on Albaterra at the hands of the A’li-uud elders, Rex finds Tabitha at the scene of the wreckage, and thus begins a whirlwind of secrets, battles, and unpredictable emotions. Morality is called into question and forces both the alien king and the starry-eyed human to make choices that could bring them everything they ever wanted or bring about the total destruction of everything they love.

Is it possible for two beings of different species to keep their worlds intact while falling in love, or will they be forced to decide between love and life?

Find out by reading all three parts of this eventful, heart-pumping, romantic and sultry space adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance