Reverse Harem Bully

by Mia Britney

A collection of very exciting and spicy stories!

“Mrs. Simpson, Last week, worked in one corner of the warehouse, back where they kept the products that didn’t sell, helping two of her husband’s hardest working employees. On her knees…”

“She was wearing a very tiny nightie, barely skimming the tops of her thighs and doing nothing to hide her pert breasts, and he knew she was going to get him in trouble before this marriage ever really started…”

“This isn’t salvation. She said as he reached inside his pants and pulled out his manhood. The ache between her legs flared hot and bright and her mouth watered at the sight of him…”

“Hank used the arm wrapped around Tillie’s back to pull a cup down, exposing her perky breast. He leaned down and enveloped it with his mouth, sucking and twirling his tongue over the nipple…”

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Category: Erotica