Revelation of a Moonlit Promise

by Dora Blume

One Princess, three sexy protectors, one king that wants to end their lives forever.

Being hidden in the mortal world has been Lyla’s life. She’d come to terms with it long ago. Xavier and Milo have been by her side, training her to take her place as queen someday. They are sworn to protect her. At least she thought they were only there to protect her. When her attraction suddenly ignites for both men, she doesn’t know what to think. Even more surprising is when she feels the same burning desire for Liam, the prince of Unseelie.

Could she really feel the same for all three men?

When the Seelie court is attacked and the queen is in danger, Lyla can’t stay hidden anymore. Teaming up with her men to save the queen is her only chance. Even if it means revealing herself to those who want her dead.

Revelation of a Moonlit Promise is the first book in the Hidden Fae Series, an exciting new paranormal romance reverse harem trilogy.

If you love magical adventures and steamy romance, you’ll love Dora Blume’s mystical book

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Category: Paranormal Romance