by Violet Paige

I’ll give him anything he wants.

I needed an escape. Anything. Anywhere. I had to get away. The walls were caving in around me and the only way to break free is the one chance in front of me. So I moved to DC, to start a new life, and put the darkness of my family’s struggle behind me. I’ve always put everyone else first. But now it was my turn. I’ve found my way, an offer to be a professor at American University’s elite law program will make everything easier.

But then I met Vaughn Hunter.

It was a night at the bar, the moment when our eyes met. My heart raced. My pulse quickened. And suddenly I was his. Vaughn is dark. Dangerous. I could tell the second I saw him. But I can’t stay away.

I didn’t think I was that kind of girl, the one who screamed his name, begged for more. Caught between the sheets. But the sheets are burning around us, and so are the secrets he tells me. Everything is a lie, except how I feel. How I want more. How I crave his mouth, his tongue, and his c*ck.

I can’t resist him.

One taste, and I know I’m going down in flames with him.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance