Rescuing Her Curves

by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason

Clayton Sinclair had moved back to his hometown in Middleton, Colorado for one purpose – find the curvy woman he’d been fantasizing about since high school and stake his claim. His mission didn’t prove as difficult as he’d thought as fate stranded his curvy beauty on a rooftop just waiting to be rescued.

Mary Anderson had been crushing on the chief of the rescue squad in her small town since high school. Even when he moved away, she’d still held a part of her heart solely for him. Now, he was back, and she dreaded meeting up with him again. She didn’t know if she could keep her feelings concealed any longer.

When she found herself stuck on a roof in the pouring rain with a winter storm barreling her way, she both dreaded and longed to be rescued.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance