Rescuing Emma

by Michele E. Gwynn

It’s Emma’s thirtieth birthday…and it might just be her last!

A London weekend leads to kidnapping after one hot night with a sexy Green Beret. For Emma Jane Lewis, Captain Nathan James Oliver, code name, Outlaw, represents exactly the kind of man she never wanted to date. Too stubborn, muscled, and cocky for her tastes. But his touch makes her all hot and bothered, and despite her better judgement, she wants him. When Nate meets Emma, the attraction is instant. Something about her pulls him in even though his heart remains stuck in the past. But a night with Emma is something he can’t resist. When she goes missing, evidence points to Black Jihad, and its leader, Mohammed al-Waleed. Worse, Nate knows it’s his fault she’s been targeted. Can Nate come to terms with his past in time to save Emma from a brutal death at the hands of a dangerous terrorist?

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Military Romance