Rescuing an Angel (The Oil Barons Book 4)

by Ann Jacobs

One fateful misstep for Gayla Levine was all it took for her once-adoring fiancĂ© to walk away and her demanding father to disown her. Determined to turn her life around and embrace her newfound independence, she wants nothing to do with men or relationships–until she meets Dan Newman, a sexy surgeon who sends a shock of electricity through her every time they touch.

Dan has spent his life struggling to overcome his own crippling past by devoting himself to healing others who have suffered. Now a world-class surgeon, he’s confident in his ability to face anything life throws his way–until he meets a headstrong Texas beauty who has his pulse racing and fills his dreams with impossibly sensual visions.

As they fall into a passionate romance that takes them both to the burning edges of pleasure, these two damaged souls must each confront their darkest demons. Because Gayla is haunted by the echoes of being called a failure and torn by the fear that she’ll be rejected once again, and Dan, who has proved his worth to so many others, must now convince himself and Gayla that they deserve the powerful love they’ve found.

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Category: Erotic Romance