Rescued by the Mountain Man

by Zoey Rose

Who knew my rescuer would be a hunky blacksmith straight out of the books I write?

When I get lost in the wilderness, I’m sure it’s going to be one embarrassing rescue. Until I lose consciousness and open my eyes to an older, muscle-bound blacksmith in the same bed I’m in.

But Dylan’s not just biceps, fierce dark eyes, and a delicious mountain-man beard. He’s a sweetheart, taking care of me, cooking, calling for help. His past is a secret, though – a secret he guards as fiercely as his solitude.

And when night falls, we face a classic romance novel dilemma: one bed, two people. He offers to take the floor, but the thought of his warm body close to mine, sharing a bed, is unexpectedly tempting.
Innocent city girl meets seasoned wilderness man – and we both know it. He’s experienced, good with his hands, and leaves me breathless for more.

Yet, I have doubts. Is this anything but an almost 24-hour dream? Or is he willing to fight for more? To leave everything behind for a shot at our happiness together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance