Rescued by the Alien Viking

by Lucee Joie

A hunky alien from a barbaric race. A human so desperate to flee her planet that she enrolls in the Vikingr mail order bride program.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Earth is a desolate wasteland, taken over by space snakes determined to kill off humankind one woman at a time. However, there is one option in order to be free of the wretched place: agree to become a mail order bride for the fierce breed of Vikingr aliens.

Tora is so desperate to leave the treacherous planet that she signs up to marry an alien from a tribe so fierce that they are feared across the universe. Ragnex is just happy to finally be involved in something more than work.

But, can Tora chip away at Ragnex’s harsh exterior to find the man beneath the beast?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Desired by the Alien Viking

by Lucee Joie

She’s had to run for her life. He’s one of those chasing her. Now, if they could just catch their breath long enough, they could fall in love.

Lottie has escaped a fearsome beast only to be cornered by, well, a fearsome beast. Except, this one is not only afraid of the dark but devastatingly handsome as well.

It’s a shame that she will return home only to discover that she is to be married to someone else via the Vikingr mail order bride system.

Geiv was not expecting to fall for the human hottie on a routine trip to Earth. He was there to collect lindworms, not dates. However, he just can’t help falling for Lottie—that is when she’s not trying to escape him.

He thought they had something too until he returned home to discover that Lottie has been promised to another.

Can they find a love loophole before it is too late?

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