Rescued: A Plus-Size, Feel Good, Insta Romance

by Isabelle M

“The man who has stolen my heart has rescued me in more ways than one. Here in his arms, there is no doubt that I am finally home.”

Alice is out with her best friend, celebrating her birthday at the local bar when suddenly the night takes a wild turn. Her best friend gets too drunk and starts causing a scene, embarrassing Alice in front of the sexy bouncer, who is forced to kick them out.

Alice is humiliated and furious, feeling wronged by this muscular bouncer who ruined what should have been an enjoyable night out for her, and she leaves in a huff. But after she sobers up, she realizes he was only trying to help and quickly begins to admire his no-nonsense attitude.

The next morning, Alice is walking her dog in the park when she runs into the same man she met the night before: the sexy bouncer. Given their previous encounter, things start off awkwardly, but sparks fly as Alice quickly discovers that beneath his strong exterior lies a heart full of warmth and kindness that just might be the perfect match for her own fiery spirit and deepest desires.

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Category: Erotic Romance