by Jenna Brandt

Spencer Conrad was the high school quarterback and Molly Price was his school assigned English tutor. What started out as a forced arrangement turned into a secret romantic connection which ends horribly wrong.

Ten years later, Molly returns home with a college degree, established journalism career, and a hot, new boyfriend. She wants to show everyone-especially Spencer-what a great life she has made for herself. Her 10-year high school reunion is the perfect place to do it. Molly also has a secret agenda. Set on revenge, she’s determined to prove Spencer is guilty of underhanded deals with the local district attorney rather than believe he has turned over a new leaf. But as Molly investigates, she’s shocked to find that Spencer isn’t what she remembered. He’s not the cocky (secretly scared) jock she once knew, he’s now a noble defense attorney, a volunteer at the local boys’ and girls’ club, and a deacon in the church.

When she runs into him at the local library, Spencer apologizes for what he did back in high school and tells Molly he would like to treat her to coffee to catch up. Worried his smoldering blue eyes and perfect dimples can still make her weak in the knees, she suggests a double date to keep him at arm’s length. Can she forgive what he did to her when they were young? Will he stand up to the people who used to bully her, and finally set the record straight? And will they both realize that the chemistry between them when they were kids still lingers just below the surface, ready to break free and be stronger than ever before?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance