Rejection Overruled

by C.D. Samuda

She’s out to destroy him and he might just let it happen.

“I’m a curvy, confident woman who knows what I want. My name is Brooke Owens, one of the best divorce lawyers in the city. But I have one problem. I’m not getting the sexual satisfaction I crave.

When rival Jamal Styles walks into the courtroom, I know I must have him, even if it’s to take revenge for what he did to me fifteen years ago. He is suave and known to like skinny women. I am anything but skinny. However, when I’m done, Styles may just forget where he left his briefcase.”

“I’m the best divorce attorney in the city … or so I thought until I learned that my nickname is 93%. Who knew there was one better than me in the courtroom? She’s out to destroy me for what I did in high school. If I wasn’t so arrogant, I’d walk away from this fight and perhaps save myself the trouble. But Brooke has a way to get to me and now I find I would to do anything to get to her.”

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Category: Interracial Romance