Red Sky in the Morning

by Elana Brooks

Adrian Marshall is a recruiter for the Covenant of the Rainbow—a secret society dedicated to defending Earth against hostile aliens. He runs covert screening sessions, seeking people with psychic gifts to join the fight against the coming invasion.
When an exercise class takes a bizarre turn and the handsome instructor tells her she’s a powerful psychic, Beverly Jones thinks it’s only a dream. But when she recklessly courts death, the dream becomes a nightmare. To save her life and Earth’s best hope of salvation, Adrian links their souls in a unbreakable bond.
As the alien ship approaches, Adrian and Beverly struggle to overcome the fears and prejudices that divide them. Only together can they survive and save Earth from destruction. Because if they learn to love and trust each other, the soul bond will make both of them far stronger than either alone. If not, it will kill them.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance