Reasons Two Leave

by Zerry Greenwood

Justin Atwood was blissfully unaware of his family’s ignorance and prejudiced for twenty years; at which time, they painfully brought it to his attention.
In the summer of 1890, while on break from law school, Justin volunteered at St. Francis Home for Colored Orphans in Savannah, Georgia. This is where he met the breathtaking Theresa Brown. Her beauty and strength of character left him yearning for something more. That was until he found her serving table in his family’s dining hall. The lustful looks she received from his brothers and his mother’s assertion that his uncle would be delighted at their choice of housemaids made Justin ill. Had his advances to Theresa been as disgusting to her as his family’s innuendoes were to him?
Justin pulled Miss Brown into the hallway, handed her ten dollars to cover her living expenses, apologized for his family’s behavior, and sent her packing. Determined to make restitution for his slave-owning ancestors and his family’s ill-treatment of the hired help, Justin left behind his law studies and set up a school for adult freedmen. With the persuasion of his abolitionist sister, Miss Theresa Brown was one of the first students to walk through the schoolhouse door.
Can his family accept Justin’s calling in life and his choice of bride, or will their ignorance be the Reasons Two Leave?

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Category: Historical Romance