by Simone Sowood

Some people can’t be fixed.

The paparazzi are hounding me about a sex scandal and I have to get away.
So I run.
Not just from them, from my past, my present, from everything.
When my car breaks down I end up walking straight into a peach of a bare ass.
The fucking luck of ending up in the middle of a boudoir photo shoot.
Elsie’s bent over, ass in the air and ripe for picking.
Insisting she’s not the kind of girl who normally does this sort of thing.
A thousand things I want to do to her flash through my mind.
Being my salvation isn’t one of them but that’s what she is.
A green eyed beauty who belongs to me.
Hope for the first time in my life.
But she’s hiding something.
And it ruins our future.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance