Raster City Rebel

by Jen Ponce

She’s the hunter … and the prey.

Nyxblud Hunter Sloane McTaggert hasn’t had a good day since her ShadowGuard lover was murdered in cold blood. Ousted by her Guild, shunned by her former mentor, and filled with self-recrimination, she has little left to live for—and a helluva reason to die.

ShadowGuards Cade, Bane, Nyall, and Judah killed their Hunter even knowing no one else in their right mind would work with them again. Better to be vulnerable without a Hunter at their side than put up with torture and abuse. They plan one last hunt for a Nyxblud child-snatcher named Bedlam and then they’re going find a quiet place to retire … until a chance encounter on a rooftop with a suicidal Hunter changes everything.

None of them expect the powerful attraction that flares between them during their temporary team-up or the full extent of the taint that runs through the city itself. They will have to trust each other enough to put the shattered pieces of their lives together to forge a bond stronger than the evil that is poised to kill them all.

Raster City Rebel is book 1 in a completed trilogy!

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Category: Paranormal Romance