Queen’s Revenge Complete Box Set ( 5 Books in 1) – A Billionaire’s Secret Love for a Curvy Woman

by Mya Grey

Alice has been over-weight for most of her life. Born with a kind and compassionate heart, she smiles through it all. After years of bullying and being made fun of, she has accepted her life the way it is. She tries her best to help everyone she can, even if it means that they use her as a maid. 10 years later, she works for a business tycoon and billionaire, Bane Trent, who runs his own recording company, Alice’s life is thrown into a twist when her boss’s biggest star, the extremely famous singer, Joe, makes a demand. The recording company has to turn his niece into a superstar, or else. The only problem? His niece can’t sing to save her life. Alice is forced to be her ghost singer, providing her exceptional voice to the media persona of the pretty young girl. Her life changes as she begins to work closer with Bane and the two of them start getting to know each other

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance