Psychic Undercover (with the Undead)

by Amie Gibbons

When a serial killer strikes, even a psychic may not be able to catch him in time in this fun, exciting, and hot first installment of the SDF Series.

FBI rookie Ariana Ryder is desperate to prove she is more than just a pretty face on a too young psychic. But when her team gets called to investigate a dead girl behind a club, it is obvious this is not just another case of pissed off ghosts or humans messing with forces they do not understand.

Ariana, must psychic up. Backed by her team, the boss she most certainly does not have a crush on, and an ally she is not sure she can trust, but is overwhelmingly attracted to, she must learn more about her powers to catch a serial killer, before he strikes again.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance