Protective Mafia Daddy

by M.R. Zoey

She’s his beauty.
He’s her beast.

He didn’t just punish me for being a snarky Little brat … he made me confess all my secrets! Bastian The Beast. He’s some kind of mafia thug, but he swears he’s only here to protect me.

This curvy Little troublemaker has done something naughty and I need to find out what. Before this is over, Zia Giallo will accept my rules … and call me Daddy!

Protective Mafia Daddy is a short, hot, Daddy Dom/Little Girl romance. It features a pair of consenting adults who are meant for each other and includes spankings, a bit of suspense, and a guaranteed Happily-Ever-After.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance