Protecting Sophie

by Zoe Normandie

A force that cannot be stopped, Aidan King fights to solve a case, and seek justice for fallen SEAL heroes. The finish line is in sight. The only problem is… her.

She’s the one obstacle he struggles to crush.

Just as time for justice is running out, Aidan finds Sophie challenging him. For a man that’s never thought about love before–when he finds her body underneath his, a strange emotion takes grip in his chest.

Sophie has never been able to figure Aidan out. He’s fiercely sexy… and deeply secretive. But, then again, that’s his job. And that’s why she can’t stand to be around him.

She nearly has a heart attack when this cold hearted, dangerous man shows up in her office. History aside, working alongside an emotionless rake like Aidan is an untenable situation for her.

At odds as much as working together, they find themselves vehemently denying what they’ve always had–deep rooted, pent up desire. That denial leads to exploding passion when least convenient. These two top-notch, dedicated professionals fall into a compromising position and put the heroes they are fighting for at serious risk.

This is a Navy SEAL romance, and can be read as a standalone. It is the fourth book in a series of four.

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Category: Military Romance