Protecting Dallas – A Military Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

Three ripped, gorgeous Navy SEALS. One panty-dropping night of ultimate, carnal pleasure.

Who would’ve thought hitting rock-bottom could be so much fun?

With her parents both gone and her brother KIA, Dallas Winters leads a cold, lonely existence. That is, until a trio of elite SEALs rescue her from a crack team of unknown assailants, hellbent on capturing her.

Enter Maddox, the chiseled blond leader of the group. Along with Austin, olive-skinned and beautiful, and Kane, the brooding alpha giant, these three powerful soldiers have been guarding Dallas longer than she even knows…

Yet when a single night of weakness ignites a powder-keg of irrepressible sexual attraction? Dallas finds herself adrift on a glorious sea of passion, sinew, and man-muscle. Jealousy is thrust aside as her three gorgeous roommates offer a sinfully unorthodox solution: sharing Dallas together, fully and completely, in every possible way.

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Category: Military Romance