Priscilla, Widows of Wildcat Ridge #1

by Charlene Raddon

A mining disaster turns most of the women of Wildcat Ridge into devastated widows. Losing her father and husband, Priscilla Heartsel faces poverty and eviction from her home by a heartless mine owner, as do most of the widows. Tricked into a bank robbery gone wrong, Braxton Gamble grabs the stolen money and flees. Shot and needing help, he stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned town, goes into a house, and collapses on a bed. After a town meeting to decide how to survive, the women of Wildcat Ridge return home, but Priscilla finds a surprise awaiting her–an unconscious man with a bullet in his back. She believes his story, and together, they try to do what’s right, but can’t anticipate the treachery they receive. Can they survive hardship and threats by the gang long enough to discover a love more precious than gold? A sweet read.

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Category: Western Romance